Our Vision

  • 16 June 2021
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Our Vision
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Our community is for the people behind the brand. Our members have a clear passion for brands, and they’re open to learning and discovering information, excited about meeting new people, and happily support peers with insights and experience. They are also highly motivated to develop personal and professional relationships. These are the people behind brands.


Voices of Brand is a destination for Brand Builders to inspire others, get inspired for themselves, discover new information, and engage with like minded peers. It’s a space where our beliefs come to life, where we get to know each other and  new bonds are created.


This is the go-to place when we talk “branding”.  We are all about finding valuable branding resources, meeting your peers, resolving your main challenges with the support of other brand builders, and discussing the matters we love.

 We raise the awareness of the importance of branding for everyone, not only in business but everywhere, so you never have to feel lonely again when you’re trying to explain the importance of branding in your day-to-day work.. We want everyone to build true personal and professional relationships and have fun!


Voices of Brand brings together the global community of brand enthusiasts to an open space where everyone is welcome, where our motto is to create an atmosphere of openness and honesty and our purpose is to change the future of branding by involving the real brand builders in discussion. Every voice matters, and every matter has its voice. 


The host of this community, Frontify, believes in the power of the collective and welcoming everyone – the perfect enabler for this community where everyone is part of this brand new journey. 

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