Meet the Voices of Brand & Introduce Yourself

Meet the Voices of Brand & Introduce Yourself
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Hello all Voices of Brand!


Welcome to the first global community for brand enthusiasts. I’m Alba, Spanish sociologist based in lovely St. Gallen – Switzerland and the Brand Community Builder at Frontify.


I’m incredibly delighted to be launching this community and creating an inspirational hub for brand builders. 


This is a community for the people behind the brands. Let's see who is hidden behind these voices, introduce yourself in the reply section and tell us a bit more about you, what do you do, your interests, why are you a brand enthusiast, or any other interesting information you want to share with us. 


Feel free to add a picture of yourself or one which you can identify with 🎉   Maybe one day, we can meet in person and we’ll be able to recognize each other 🙂

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Hi there! Nice to meet you, I’m Conni :) Over the years, I’ve become very passionate about sales, and despite the number of years I’ve been doing this, I feel my enthusiasm continues to grow. I get excited about meeting people and hearing their stories. Life is about relationships, and in sales, I have been able to build many deep connections. I am sure we will develop this at voices of brand as well. I am proud to be one of the founding members and to make a valuable contribution with my experience.

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Hi everyone!


Great to be here!


I’m Digge, based in Stockholm, Sweden and I work for the Frontify Partnership Team where I help agencies who use Frontify either for themselves or their clients.

My background is from the advertising industry where I’ve worked for more than 15 years, both at agencies, award shows and ad schools. I’ve worked with clients such as IKEA,  Haglöfs, Humanium Metal and more.

One topic that I’m especially interested in is inclusive design- how do you create experiences, services, products and brands that are designed for a wide variety of people and needs?


Really looking forward to meeting and discussing with all of you here!



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Hello All! 


Great to meet you all! I’m Luis, and I work for Frontify as the Customer Success Operations Lead, helping our Customer Success team deliver a service of excellence.


I’m based in St Gallen, Switzerland, and I’m originally from Portugal. I have a mixed background of IT with a degree in Organisational Psychology. I focused my career, so far, in managing and coaching teams, specialised in technical knowledge, while leading global projects and setting up operation sites.


While brand management is a relatively new topic for me, it is a fulfilling experience to see and impact brand transformation and awareness, from the platform and the team, where it happens.


Really eager to learn from and participate in the panoply of discussions that this community will generate.


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Hey everyone,

I’m Maike from Frankfurt, Germany and part of Frontify. Last summer I switched roles to our new Partnerships Team and got the chance to help build it up. I very much enjoy supporting agencies with their various use cases, still allowing me to learn something new everyday.

Next to Frontify, I also work as a freelance photographer and I’m therefore also very interested in the topic of personal branding!


Really looking forward to inspiring conversations, knowledge sharing & meeting all of you here! :’) 

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Hi everyone, 

It’s great to meet you all! :relaxed: My name is Michael, I’m Swiss and based in the eastern part of Switzerland. 

I've been with Hilti for more than 15 years and worked in finance, product marketing, sales, and brand & marketing communications. Besides working for several years at the global headquarters in Liechtenstein, I was also given the opportunity to experience our markets in New Zealand, North America and Switzerland.

In 2016, I joined Hilti’s global Brand & Corp. Design team. In my current role as a global Brand Manager, I develop, steer and implement brand activities in the organization, as well as consult and train the markets on brand management.

Looking forward to talk to you and - hopefully - see you soon! :wink: 

Have a wonderful Friday! :sunny:

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Hi all,

Nice to e-meet you through the Voices of Brand community. My name is Tobi (Tobias Wittwer), I am Swiss, married, father to 2 lovely kids and live next to the lake of constance in a little village called Steinach.


I am a Sr. Account Manager / Customer Success Manager at Frontify, working very closely with our big strategic customers around the world.


Before I joined Frontify, I used to work for 6 years in the HR SaaS industry in the area of Talent Acquisition & Talent Management. I had the pleasure to work with big brands like Nike, Daimler and others holding various very interesting roles (Business consultant, Programm Manager, Director of Business Development). 


When I heard the first time the concept & the vision of the VoB community, I was immediately fully committed and wanted to be one of the founding member, because I truly believe in the power of networks, sharing contents, collaborate, inspire & challenge each other.


I am so much looking forward to contribute to this community and looking forward to hopefully also see some of you guys in person soon.. (one day ☺️)






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Hi everyone, 

My name is Gabriela (Gabriela Vicky Rombach) and I am very happy to be part of such an exciting and competent network! Finally, there’s a space for brand-lovers to exchenage know-how and benefit from each other’s experience! 

I am originally from Stuttgart (Germany), but chose to live in Freiburg one year ago (which is only 2 hours from St. Gallen ;) ). 



During the last years I’ve been working as a project manager, e-commerce consultant, freelancer and CEO of an employer branding agency.The focus of most of my professional life has been in the HR industry.

3,5 years ago I started my own blog ( where I write about new work and the changes to our way of working influenced by digitalization. 

In my current job (which is Senior Consultant Talent Relations at Haufe Group) I am focusing on improving the user experience for our internal HR customers. Besides, I am happy to support an HR startup by giving them free business consultancy and helping them establish their own corporate brand. 


I am looking very forward to discussing brand topics with you and get to know each other better over time! Thanks for having me :) 



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Hello all,

I’m Nina - the Head of Customer Experience at Frontify.  My roots in branding go way back to my college days when I studied Graphic Design.  Since then, I’ve been on the agency and corporate side of the business world helping small and large companies to articulate and communicate their brands. I’m a big believer in the power of the brand as a moniker for business strength and a true compass for who you are and where you’re going.

I’m located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA with husband, two kids, and dog. I’m thrilled to be able to work remotely for Frontify. I’m so excited that this community has launched and agree with @Tobias about its importance in garnering relevant, engaging, and necessary dialogue with so many amazing talents. 

Can’t wait to learn from all of you.

My best,



Hey everyone! Nice to meet you. I’m Rahul. 

 I’m working as a Customer Success Manager at Frontify after being in the marketing department for some years. Now that I’m more often in contact with brand managers, designers, and marketers from other companies, I enjoy being exposed to new, friendly, ambitious, and creative people on a day-to-day basis. I’m pretty sure we’ll have a cool community with good people in here as well! Looking forward to speaking to you all.


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Hi everyone,

I’ve been around in the community for a little while now and realized I haven’t properly introduced myself in this place yet. Here I go.

Obviously, I’m passionate about brands and brand management. I have a background in Industrial Design Engineering, gathered first agency experiences in Design Management at Sieger Design, Germany, after which I obtained my Master of Arts degree at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Over the years, I then gained further experience in the areas of value creation and communication – both on practical and strategic levels – at the Finnish electronics and consumer goods companies Nokia, Genelec and Amphion. At Frontify, I am responsible for Brand Management, increasingly focusing on Thought Leadership and Brand Innovation. Besides, I give lectures on branding topics on a regular basis.

I am interested in all brand-related topics by definition but at the moment, particularly the role of company culture in branding and branding beyond text and visuals draw my attention. I love being part of this community and I’m always happy to have a chat about brand stuff over a (virtual) coffee!



Hello All

Very excited to be part of this global community which, I believe, is very much needed.  I’ve worked in Brand and Communications for a while and for the past two years I’ve been heading up the Brand team at RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) in London.    I’ve helped to build brands as well as retire brand names (  but I’ve enjoyed the challenges in every instance.  Working for a global professional body has required some different thinking too but I can see from the discussions in this community that there are common threads that run through all brand activities and every type of organisation.

I really look forward to being part of the discussions here with so many brand experts and continue to learn and share from our collective experiences and thinking!

Thank you


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Welcome, everyone! 

It’s great to see that this new community is growing little by little with diverse and interesting people 🎉 

We’re looking forward to meeting all of you soon!  

Welcome you! 


Hi there everyone at Voices of Brand:wave_tone2:

I’m excited to be a part of this community and get more involved with brands and people behind it. Coming from a performance marketing and technical background, it’s all quite exciting and new. 

I live in Prague, Czech Republic and have 2 kids and a lovely wife. You can us on our ~40th attempt to get a decent Christmas photo and in the end we decided to stay on brand and just share this one :smile:  We’re loud, we’re over energetic and it shows, so be it...


Hi everyone!

It’s nice to meet you all! I’m John and I’ve recently joined our CS team at Frontify to ensure that all our customers receive an exceptional onboarding experience that sets them up for success and that fully enables them to get meaningful usage of the platform and achieve their desired outcomes! 

I’m originally from Portugal but moved to the UK about 10 years ago :flag_pt::airplane:  :flag_gb: , just recently settled in Ilford (east of London) with my lovely wife Sofia and 2-year old daughter Ivy. 

The ‘family selfie’

Branding Consistency has always been a big part of my work in previous SaaS roles while onboarding customers or managing implementation teams so I’m super thrilled to see this space where anyone that has a passion for brands can share their thoughts and experiences!