The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier

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At Frontify, we give this book to every new employee, as part of the onboarding. The book is a nice introduction to the topic of Brand Management and simply starts off with explaining what a brand actually is. For us here, it might be obvious talk, but I think it can certainly be a valuable book for the non-branding people in an organization that you try to get onboard. With short texts, examples from real brands, and nice graphics, this read can introduce anyone to the topic. For the experienced Brand Manager, it can actually also be a good reminder of what this all is about that we’re working on every day…

Check out the book here.


The Brand Gap


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Amazing book. I use his method of “Onliness Statement” during my Brand Positioning Workshops ;) Absolut recommendation for anyone who’s slightly interested in branding.

@Willem Haen  another amazing book! I’ve read lots of Marty’s books and they are incredible easy to digest. His words have really impacted me and the work I do everyday. It’s also impacted how I communicate to my team how a brand functions, what it is, and is NOT. 

The “defend your onlyness” statement is SOOO good! @BenjaminApfelbaum Its so frustrating when people completely avert the idea of “what makes us different?”

I also love that he puts the power into the customer’s hands. Great read! I hope to take his masterclass one day...