Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2021

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I hope most of you have the report Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2021, that helps to understand the dynamics and brand performance of the world’s biggest brands across 13 categories. 


Some highlights that have come to my attention:
-The value of the 100 most valuable brands in the world in 2021 has grown by +42%, record growth.
-Amazon leads the ranking along with other technology brands.
- Europe lags behind US and Chinese brands.

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Thanks, @Charo Amengual, for sharing.

Great study and interesting developments, which we all see and experience, again captured in data and analysis.
Last year, we decided to evaluate our Brand. However, we have decided to go with Interbrand and their methodolgy which they developed for their Best Global Brands Ranking. For us, this has been an amazing and value-adding exercise. Of course, we are a too small company to make it into the Top 100 with both Kantar and Interbrand. But it is meaningful and exciting to compare our brand with the Big 100 in the dimensions Role of Brand and Brand Strengths.

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@Alexander Boesch - I’d love to hear more about your brand evaluation experience with Interbrand. I’ve been a long-time fan of their work and approach to brand valuation/equity, but have never had the opportunity to work with them. Can you share any highlights or best practices you’ve found to be most valuable?

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Sorry, @Nina.Brakel , for my late reply. 

It would boost the space in this platform to share our process and learnings. 

But in a nutshell: Although knowing that our Brand will not make it to the Top 100 (only because of the business size which has a significant impact on the brand value and its ranking), Interbrand has applied the same methodology to assess our Brand, its role, its strength and its value.

Interbrand has been a great listener, quickly understanding our company and business, and well understanding the brand management of our company. They have been asking the right questions to the right persons. Further, all Interbrand consultants have been straight forward with their interpretations and thoughts, also being able to deliver critical feedback and openly discuss challenges.

In the discussion and interpretation of the evaluation´s results, we could learn a lot from the exchange and trigger promising next steps and further activities.

What are your experiences with other agencies, eg Kantar?

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No worries @Alexander Boesch! Thanks for elaborating!