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  • 16 June 2021
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Welcome to Voices of Brand. If you’re here because you feel passionate about branding, that’s already enough to start sharing your voice with other brand enthusiasts. This is a space that’s open to all who are interested in our topic of brand – and we aim to create a global brand community where  everybody can build true personal and professional relationships. To make sure we achieve that, there’s just a few we all need to consider:

  • Use respectful language :hugging: Our Community Managers will take down your post if they  consider it to be disrespectful, and may even go so far as to ban your account if the behavior is inappropriate. 

  • Share ideas, articles, and questions :writing_hand_tone5: Your role as part of Voices of Brand. Without you this wouldn’t be a community, that simple. Feel free to add any idea, article, resource or question that you want to share with the other voices.  
    At Voices of Brand, everyone can search & read information. Only, as a registered member you can follow other members, join groups, leave posts, questions and answers. Also, as a registered member you can receive notification about new comments in threats you follow or private messages from other community members. 

  • Please, don’t use this forum to publish any marketing communications :flushed: or to advertise your product or services – this behavior will be banned by the community owners.  Reach out to the community admins if you’re interested in sending marketing information to members. 

  • Private messages :sunglasses:  as a member of the community you can send and receive private messages, these are subject to the same Terms and Conditions of use as the public messages. 

  • Privacy :speaking_head:  Voices of Brand is a public and online community, do not public any confidential information or someone else’s confidential information. Also, you should never post, phone number, credit card number, social security number, or similar. 

  • No illegal purposes :money_mouth:  Do not use the Community to pursue illegal purposes, contrary to the rights and legitimate interests of Us and any other third party, including other Brand Builders, or in any other manner that may tamper, disrupt, overload, or otherwise damage the Community or the site and services offered by Frontify

  • Social Media Content :innocent: The Community also supports sharing Contents on social media platforms, whichever they are and as long as they are appropriate for the purposes of sharing, including by allowing other Voices of Brand and Us to share Contents on social media. You may share other Contents on social media, as long as you include a link to the Community or tag Frontify in your post.


We’re here to make this community a place where we can feel safe, a home for brand enthusiasts. Reach out to us if you perceive something not appropriated –

1 reply

@Bruno Singulani - to answer your question - see above :)