Frontify User, join the group! ✅

  • 9 August 2021
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Frontify User, join the group! ✅
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We’ve created a group for all Frontify Users part of Voices of Brand, Frontify Exchange, where you can read and share best practices or projects and, learn from one another. 

If you have a question about any Frontify related topic, you can also ask in the group. Who can be a better advisor than the users?

You can see  here  an example of what you can find. But, most important,  ask a question and take part of the discussion.

We’ll also soon launch Champion Frontify, a live session with other Frontify users to make this exchange even more personal, learn from real cases and become a Frontify Champion. 

Do yo want to be part of the next Champion Frontify Session? Get in contact with us at


Note: This a group for Frontify users only. If you want to connect with them, let us know! 


If you want to create a group for a specific purpose, get in contact with the community managers. 



1 reply

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This is great!! I just sent you a request to join the group :wink: