🪄 The secret to brand storytelling magic? ✨

  • 5 August 2021
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There are so many differing approaches out there when it comes to the perfect way to express a brand through communication. The format, parameters, goals, and audience of course play an immense role in all of that, and yet, there tend to be some commonalities in what’s often considered a job well done. 


If you could nail down all that you’ve read, tried, and heard of about successful brand storytelling to one – and only one – point, what might that be?


Before I give my 2 cents on this I’m really curious what your thoughts are. Moreover, can you really narrow it down to just one thing, or is it always a variable combination? 


Ready, set… Now, let’s see if there’s a trend or the beginning of a friendly debate.  



2 replies

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Hi Shannon, 

that‘s a good question!
If I had to name one thing that makes brand storytelling successful it would be emotionsI often see companies try to tell their story in an effective way — but then they are paradoxically afraid of the awareness that might come with it. I guess, one reason could be the avoidance of negative impressions. But the results are emotionless and therefore ineffective. 

Looking forward to reading what you think about it 🙂 



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Gabriela, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I couldn’t agree more! Leveraging the power of emotion is undervalued so often. Maybe, as you said, this could be because a neutral delivery feels safe and potentially avoiding the negative. But then, where’s the grand potential in presenting a half-baked story? :wink:


My ‘one thing’ would probably be authenticity – but I suppose that’s a bit of a sly way to bundle in a few other components, like emotion. Really it’s about brands communicating in a way that feels true to who they are, not just riding a trend or copying something that works for another business, but only following a path of expression, style, format, etc. that makes sense for their brand. This definitely connects to that emotional point you bring up (hence the tricky work-around in choosing this word. 


Sometimes it feels like brands aren’t necessarily doing their own thing, but just jumping on a band wagon. Nothing shines brighter than truth in its many forms.