Mastercard Takes a Powerful Stand on This Important Social Topic 💪🌈🌟

  • 10 September 2021
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I’ve been eager to highlight a campaign that is one of the most moving, heartfelt, and meaningful I’ve come across in a long while – Mastercard’s “True Name” campaign.


Many of you probably follow the brand, marketing, and creative awards circuit, so it’s probably not the first time you’ll be hearing of “True Name,” but a worthy and ambitious campaign to take a deeper look at. Led by CMO Raja Rajamannar who’s been scooping up awards and recognition from The One Club for Creativity, Cannes Lions, and others, for the amazing initiative, it’s a remarkable piece of social commentary coming at a time when so many organizations struggle with how and when to speak out about topics that affect so many people in their everyday lives. 



Personally, I find it inspiring to see a brand addressing a provocative issue, and really support trans and non-binary communities; not only in the act of ensuring the name individuals identify with can be reflected on their cards, but also with this powerful wave of communication. 


For The One Club award, one of the judges – TikTok’s Global Head of Marketing, Nick Tran – noted that this was an extraordinary case of a company stepping outside of the norm and pushing this initiative forward, saying:

“It wasn’t something that people were pressuring them to do. Whereas in other areas, you could see with like Black Lives Matter and other themes popping up over the past year like Covid, you could see brands felt their hands forced. I think the courage really came from the fact that Mastercard didn’t have their hand forced…But the fact that they still felt empowered to make that change and then do it for the greater good was also really interesting.”


Courage feels like an appropriate word. It takes strong conviction and solid footing to stand up for issues that often have people jumping to one side of the fence or another – magnificent example of stepping up, even when it might not be the popular move, and not being afraid to make an impact.



How do you feel about the campaign? Are there other instances of brands stepping into uncomfortable territory with big payoff? I hope this leaves you feeling a bit inspired, empowered, and curious – maybe even considering how you can help to take a stand on something that resonates with your brand, in a true, emotive, beautiful way.

3 replies

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Wow… seems so obvious now that its done. And realising that they are the FIRST ones to allow people to identify themselves as they truly recognise themselves. This is huge and brilliant, after all we all know the POWER of identity, right?

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100%! And to really show my approval of your comment… really wishing instead of simply a ‘like’ button here, we could choose one of those :raised_hands:  or :yellow_heart:  reactions. :grin:

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Thank you Sharon for sharing such an inspiring brand initiative. I love the campaign, but what I love most is that the brand's commitment is realised in its own product and experience. Walk to talk.