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Win Wednesdays, Welcome!🎉

  • 4 August 2021
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Win Wednesdays, Welcome!🎉
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It's a winning Wednesday! Or rather... It will be starting now as we kick this theme off.

Why not celebrate that small (or major) win, or express something you’re tackling on your way to the finish line, and welcome the Voices to share in your moment. 

Each week, we’d love to hear from you about a time that might inspire, inform, or encourage us with your learnings and achievements – however they come. Even the small stuff can be a big game changer for someone else. 

Do you remember that moment when someone, or something, gave you the spark/clarity/support to move forward? 💡

Do you remember that feeling when you could say, “Yes! We did it!” 💥

You have something to say that other people might want to hear.

You have gone through something that others can learn from.


Share these tales here, every Wednesday, to celebrate your wins (and findings along the way) with the community while helping others. We’re in this together!

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Well, I for one am really excited about this topic, but more so what types of stories/experiences start to appear here. [patiently waiting for next Wednesday]