The future of your brand identity is simpler than you thought

  • 22 November 2021
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When a new product gets launched, two businesses merge, or founders leave their start-ups, crucial questions arise concerning the core of their identity: What does our business represent? Which values lie at our foundation and how do we convey them internally as well as externally? How do we position ourself vis-à-vis our competition?


During the start-up phase, little to no time is left to address such questions in-depth. Often, answers remain within the founders’ heads. We asked SMEs how they dealt with this issue: Overwhelmingly, efforts in regard to their brand identity were focused on the visual appearance – a company logo was created, a corporate font chosen.


To follow a more nuanced approach and to delve deeper into brand identity issues, most businesses lack the time needed as well as the overview over the crucial aspects. In addition, getting one’s bearings in the vast jungle of different brand identity models is a major endeavour, and consulting agencies translates into significant costs that businesses often try to avoid. The gaps become more visible later on: when the business grows at a fast pace, the founders have left, or the new product has launched into market.


Thus, a simple approach is needed. Frontify, together with the Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and the Institute of Communication and Marketing IKM at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, developed a comprehensive overview on the current state of scientific theories, brand identity practice, models, and instruments. In the course of this government-funded Innosuisse project, the relevant findings were aggregated in a easy to use tool for practitioners. 


In this way, you can delve into the topic of brand identity yourself - modular, digital, and whenever you have time to dive deep into the core of your company and to record your insights. Become a part of our community and help us to develop the future of brand identity:

Visit our website to request access to our brand identity canvas now!


In the second phase of the research project, we investigate how employees can be engaged with the brand identity aspects developed, and how brand identity can be translated into brand behaviour. We keep you posted!


In the meantime, we appreciate your questions and your feedback!   

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