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  • 17 November 2021
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Dear Community,

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure to host an online workshop for the Voices of Brand Community together with @Nicole Adelt and @Janine : Employer Branding & Brand Management - A Holistic Approach

We are sharing the results here, so everybody can participate in the outcomes and have a look at what was discussed among the (employer) brand experts. You’ll find the presentation including the workshop slides attached. 

Thanks from my side for the great participation and input on the part of all attendees! For me, it was a really valuable and productive session :raised_hands: and I’m looking forward to upcoming workshops, events, and discussions! 

Cheers :champagne_glass:



Also, these are some of the key findings: 

  • We need to be able to communicate the benefits great employer branding has on
    > the brand
    > the company
    > potential and existing clients
  • Clearly define teams and individual roles as in 
    > accountabilities
    > responsibilities
    > consultative and informational ownership
  • Employer brand should sit at a strategic level within HR because if it sits in talent acquisition it forgets about existing employees and if it sits with brand management solely, then it gets prioritized second - because the potential customer is always first 
  • Even in a very people-oriented organization Employer Branding is still considered a "nice to have" as justifying the need or benefit is still a challenge due to missing KPIs



2 replies

Thank you so much for your time and effort @Gabriela and @Nicole Adelt . It was a joy to collaborate with you both and discuss this topic among fellow brand enthusiasts. I’m really excited to dive deeper  into the different topics and challenges mentioned and am looking forward to seeing where this conversation is heading and what actionable items and solutions we can derive from this workshop. Amazing work. Thank you.

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Great work indeed. Interesting to see we ended up discussing things similar to the issues that were once (and some of them are still) discussed for Brand Management in general. Happy to follow up on this topic.