Refreshing Sprite – Bold Visuals, Weak Campaign

  • 31 May 2022
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Rebrand and Brand Campaign Meet

Some media report about it being a brand campaign incorporating a new visual identity; others talk about a major rebrand backed by strong ads. Whichever way you see it, the Sprite brand, the second largest one of the Coca-Cola Company, has been fully refreshed – it seems like only the drink itself remains unchanged. The Sprite logo got simplified and scaled up on packaging and black enters the color palette to mark the zero-sugar version of the drink. The story that comes with the product has a nod to “shit happens” and presents Sprite as the right solution in undesirable situations.


Convincing Visuals, Supercilious Ads

I think the updated visuals are simply great. Key elements, like the primary green color, the yellow accent shade, and the dot grid were reused, whereas the logo got a makeover, leading to a kind of simplified, monochrome version of the former one. Scaled up, either in white or black, the large size and contrast leave a bold impression.

I’m less excited about the campaign, though. “Heat Happens – Stay Cool” is the new Sprite message. Shrenik Dasani, Global Brand Director at Sprite: “Whether it's mental heat in the shape of unwanted interruptions, or the physical heat of a sweaty commute, our hectic daily schedules leave us constantly searching for ways to keep our cool. We believe that adding a human layer of understanding and dash of comedic value, as well as a sip of ice-cold Sprite, can help diffuse potentially triggering situations.” A series of ads show examples of such moments. I think it’s a bit supercilious to extend the refreshment one gets with this drink to the mental domain. Sure, it’s good to take a break when something’s not going well but I find it a bit farfetched to present Sprite as the obvious solution here. Anyway, the ad videos are fun and they certainly show situations people can relate to – maybe that will do.


Read the Official Rebrand Message

Watch the Campaign Videos

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