Presence or Absence of a Company Founder

  • 15 June 2021
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For most of the companies I’ve worked for, I’ve had the chance to work together or at least sync with the founder. I think this has been extremely valuable, understanding the origins and purpose of the brand way better and getting stories out of the first hand. Founders can typically tell about why the brand’s name was chosen, why that typical brand color was selected, and what made the business take off in the first place. What’s your experience?

1 reply

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Hehe, I think stories are not always so linear or one-dimensional as we might believe:
A founder that is founding a company and is doing the first decisions for the brand. 

I already worked with people together that joined the startup/company later as the team or the designer, and people that needed to catch up with decisions of the brand identity, because the “founder” was a group of people interested to do a kind of spin-off.

Another interesting type of founder is the founder that does not pay much attention into brand and you are bringing that kind of interaction into the everyday life of the company. Sometimes this environment is a fight and the hard measurable segment of Branding has a tough time in these kind of companies. 

I believe that so many qualities of branding can be incorporated by different people that the term founder becomes “founding members”. In the beginning we might perceive a company’s idea more as an outcome of people thinking aloud and while it gets formed, many people might participate in this process until “the one” is chosen to lead the branding’s identity.