MasterClass or Soul-searching?

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They say it's never too late to learn, and in some cases even relearn or simply remember WHO YOU ARE... Can you "see" me here? In this exercise, using only 3 letters of my name with black and white and typography, I tried to express myself… That’s what design can do! What can you "read" about me? Am I shy? Funny? Organised? Thanks to David Carson’s Masterclass I felt out of my comfort zone and now feel closer to my craft... Would love to "hear" what you grasp from this…


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Such an interesting exercise. 

I would say… cheerful, elegant and chaotically structured 🤔 Are you even close to any of them? 😄

Can a design be interpreted by the consumers leading to different meanings? How can a brand avoid this risk?

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Thanks for sharing your perspective on this Alba. That was exactly my point… A brand behaviour can be perceived in different ways by different audiences. However, through time and consistently, a brand can establish solid values across shared perceptions. At the end of the day perception is reality. And to your points about my exercise, I quite like the way you saw it, and I must say you were spot on! At least from my perception :blush:

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Nice exercise, @Bruno Singulani Bruno, and interesting thoughts.
Exciting, @Alba, how you take the thought further... 

Yes, different audiences - in fact every person - have a different perception of the same content they receive, designs they see and experiences that are created for them. 

Analytics (especially in digital channels) allow to better understand audience groups and consumer tribes, and set the basis for customized content, copy, etc. respectively. With design and visualization it is already getting more difficult, with holistic experiences it becomes a masterpiece.

In Hilti Brand Management, we already have accepted the challenge for both. As a distinct brand and differentiating company, we have one clear set o values that we stand for, one portfolio of offered services and solution, etc., and ultimately one guiding ambition for our brand positioning. Thus, authenticity and consistency are key in our appearance across all touchpoints and in both content and visulaization. Perception and appreciation within audiences, however, vary due to purchasing roles, cultures, genders, age, etc. Now, the arts is to translate brand consistency into coherent customer experiences across orchestrated touchpoints. We must and we can adapt our messaging, channels and especially our visualization to different audiences in order to be perceived somehow similar by every person.

Yet, we are only at the beginning of our persona oriented customer experience journey.

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So, I’m getting slight performing arts vibes from this, like mayyybe we should keep our eyes peeled for “Bruno Singulani: From Before to Beyond” the critically anticipated jazz musical, coming soon to a theater near you – with a start-studded cast of lively and talented folks that will take us on a journey of rich experience and excitement. Or maybe I got a little carried away. :wink:  I really dig this!