How do you create a really strong employer brand?

  • 17 June 2021
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Today we hosted a webinar on Adweek together with our partner agency Bold Scandinavia. We discussed how brands can help build internal pride, increase engagement and attract and retain the best talent. Employer branding isn’t just an internal thing - by building internal pride around your brand values and corporate culture, loyal customers will follow, I believe!


One of Bold’s main points was that you shouldn’t differentiate between your brand and your employer brand. A recent study suggested 85% are not engaged or actively disengaged at work, which has an impact on productivity and also how clients and customers experience your brand. Oskar Lubeck, founder and Executive Creative Director at Bold said: “It’s when the employees connect with your brand story that the magic happens.”  


One of the key takeaways from the webinar was that you need  “to capture people's minds & hearts” to build internal pride and boost your employer brand. . .what do you think are the must-haves to create strong employer brands? Is it all in the culture or can it also be part of how you craft your brand story and visual identity?


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2 replies

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Fully agree @Digge, thanks for sharing. @Gabriela, as you are a specialist in TA & Employer Brand, whats your view on this?

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Thanks for tagging me, @Tobias! This is definitely one of my topics, haha :)) ! In my opinion it is not “only” culture - or maybe I have to say: Culture is the result of many factors. One factor is definitely “how you craft your brand story and visual identity” (as @Digge mentioned in the article above), but also the products you sell, how successful you are with it and the leadership culture you set as an example. These are all important factors that make people develop pride for their company/ employer - or not. 

I totally agree that loyal customers follow satisfied and proud employees. But I’m not sure if it is really wise to not at all differentiate between your corporate and your employer brand. I would advise a close look on the target groups that need to be addressed. But values definitely matter and have to be aligned. Besides, an employer brand needs to follow the corporate brand. But they should never diverge as authenticity would be affected. And authenticity is one of the most important factors when trying to establish a successful employer brand. In the work world there’s almost nothing more frustrating than starting at a new company and not finding what you were told and therefore expected… 

I hope this input helps. Looking forward to discussing this topic further if more questions come up! 

Regards from my home office! ;)