Followup on the question who should "own" employer branding in organizations

  • 1 December 2021
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Hey Community! :wave::blush: Just wanted to share with you my latest blog post on I’m writing in German, so probably not everybody here will be able to read it - But I summarized the employer branding workshop I lead in November for Voices of Brand and picked out my three most valuable conclusions:

:point_right:  360° Communication that bears in mind all target groups (including employees and those who might become them) 

:handshake:Co-Ownership for a better distribution of tasks according to budget and competences 

:nerd:Change of perspectives as networking gains even more importance due to the complexity and crossfunctionality of employer branding


Hope, that some of you can gain some valuable insights out of it! 


Have a wonderful day, 




Who “owns” Employer branding?




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