Do you have an example of fostering a brand behaviour that impressed you?

  • 2 February 2022
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Do you have an example of fostering a brand behaviour that impressed you?

The 2021 Gallup survey State of the Global Workplace reported an alarming number: only 20 percent of employees describe themselves as engaged at their workplace. That leaves a gaping abyss of 80 percent of unengaged employees. Employee engagement levels seem dismally low. From a brand management perspective, this should make you think. 




A recent, representative study conducted by PWC reported that 73 percent of all people pointed to customer experience as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions. In addition, a good customer experience allows price premiums of up to 16 percent that customers are willing to spend. In contrast, bad experiences will drive away customers faster than many would anticipate: 17 percent of customers will walk away after just one bad experience, a whopping 59 percent after a few bad experiences - even from otherwise beloved brands. 

Thus, the question of how to ensure brand-aligned behavior with a largely disengaged workforce seems rather crucial and should be positioned high on the priority list. And in fact, it often is: sports goods manufacturer Puma’s former CEO and chairman, Jochen Zeitz, always wore the brand’s trainers even to highly sophisticated social events. A Swiss kitchen cabinet maker installed a mirror next to its delivery gate to ensure its employees checked their appearance before visiting a customer and provided felt slippers to wear in the customers’ homes. Swiss telecom provider Swisscom allows its employees to deviate from standardized business processes and provide a “Wow Box” with unexpected giveaways and refunds to find satisfactory solutions for their customers.

There are many ways to foster brand-aligned behavior and strengthen brand engagement. 
Frontify and the Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering IDEE are working on a brand behavior library to provide an overview and inspiration for brand managers. 

That is why we would like to ask you for a favor: Do you have an example of fostering a brand behavior that impressed you or that you found useful, interesting, funny? Then please share it here with our community! Just keep in mind that you not only gain a lot of good karma in doing so - we even raffle off a few of our merchandise amongst those who contribute…

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