Component Libraries: Where to start?

  • 6 October 2021
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I work for a creative agency (growth and transformation agency) primarily focused on building brands for businesses. One aspect of our work is handing off a brand. This is easy and common practice for us. Frontify makes everything easier and better!


The hard part of our work is building better Ui/Ux documentation. I’d like to start leveraging our developers (and digital designers) to better understand how they can make use of Frontify’s integrations instead of duplicating their code in a separate style guide. 


Are there any best practices on where to start? How to address this with a team? We often create brands and websites, but we have just now begun building repositories and full Ui documentation. The order of operations is almost always dictated by a creative and not the developer. How can we begin a project with the process leaning into what a developer finds most useful for their end output?

2 replies

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Hey Shawheen, That’s a super interesting question indeed! We’re currently asking our internal Frontify teams to see who we can connect you with and share best practice examples. We’ll contact you shortly via mail. 

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For everyone interested in the field of UI/UX documentation, I’d like to share that BOSCH just won a Red Dot Design Award in the category “Brands & Communication Design” for excellent design across all digital touchpoints.  :tada: You can find a sneak peek into their Frontify Design System in the article here