Brand Translation Into Interiors

  • 13 September 2021
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Logo, typeface, color: the classic top three of visual artefacts described in guidelines, I’d claim. Most brand books explain how they behave both on screen and in print. All covered, you’d think. But how do these live in a brand space, like your office? At Frontify, we’re currently facing the nice challenge of translating our identity into materials, surfaces, color, lighting, and so much more. Exciting times defining the right look, touch, and feel for our interiors.

What is the spatial face of your brand? I’m curious to hear how you show your brand at your office(s), beyond the facade logo...

3 replies

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Hi Willem, 

As you might know, we’ve completed our global brand refresh in Q4 2020. During the last five years, we have also rebranded many different Hilti office spaces. Take a look at the following examples to experience how we transfered our brand identity and expression into office materials, surfaces, lighting, etc.:

The latest add on is the new office #2 mentioned above. The first Hilti employees began moving into the new North Office Building at headquarters at the start of September. The new building marks another milestone in the modernization of Hilti Corporate Headquarters. Further information about this new building can be found in this article on our global Hilti website.  

Enjoy watching and reading - and maybe get inspired by some of our ideas and materials! :wink:



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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your input. I think these are great examples of understanding how important the physical work environment is for people and the brands they live. I like even the fact these videos actually exist – another emphasis on this topic. May I ask how this process has been at Hilti? How, in practice, has the translation from high-level brand identity been made to the physical space? Have you got external help for that phase?


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Thanks, Willem. Yes, we did use external help for that phase. The new North Office Building at headquarters has been created by Giuliani Hönger Architects and designed by a Zurich based interior design agency. Both external partners worked very closely with our internal project team, which was responsible for the overall office concept. Benno Erhardt (global head of brand design at Hilti) and his team supported both internal and external stakeholders to translate our brand identity to the physcial space. @Benno, you might have further details to share with Willem? Thanks :wink: