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  • 11 August 2021
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When we talk about brand or brand management, probably what pops in the mind of most people are logos, ads, songs, campaigns and all the unique identifiers that make a brand be visible and highly recognisable. 

A less spoken component of a brand is how every employee interacts with the customer and conveys the tone of voice and brand ideals, with emphasis to the “frontline”, such as customer support and customer success.

How do you, brand experts, make sure that the brand is also lived and assimilated, in every interaction with the customer, in a daily basis, knowing that normally those interactions start with a problem that needs to be solved and need to be shaped into a positive brand experience? 

3 replies

Behavioral branding

Hi Luis,

I think that you are looking for behavioral branding. It is about how to implement the brand values ind the company culture and turn employes in brand ambassadors. Theo goal is to reach that employees act every day with every step they do along the corporate brand values, because they are incorporated.

I can recommend a book in German, but I don’t know if that helps?

Best, Franziska

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Hello @Franziska CX 

Thank you for the feedback! That would definitely be helpful. 

Would you mind to recommend it on the Book section of the Community (Book Worms), as it may also be useful for other members, rather than only myself? 

If you prefer to just add it hereis also perfect!




Here is the book that I would like to recommend:

Behavioral Branding, 3. Auflage 

The authors illustrate how the behavior of employees  can strengthen the corporate brand. The concepts are easy to implement.